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BSides Algiers Event

08-09 January, École nationale supérieure d'informatique, Algiers

About The Event
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About The Event

Security BSides is a non-profit global security event created by a group of hackers, security researchers, and passionate cybersecurity experts who are keen to share their knowledge and ideas.

Organized by Shellmates, the event took place in a first online qualification phase on december 2020.

The Event will include the finals of the CTF competition, alongside conferences presented by local and international experts, and workshops seeking to share the maximum of knowledge and skills related to cybersecurity.

The event aims to bring together a community passionate about cybersecurity in Algeria.


École nationale supérieure d'informatique, Algiers


Saturday and Sunday
January 08-09th, 2022

Event Speakers & Mentors

Here are some of our speakers and mentors

Hafidh Zouahi

Hafidh Zouahi

Computer systems engineer
with a keen interest in security

Hamza Tahmi

Hamza Tahmi

Security engineer focusing
on building secure products

Benaissa Ayoub

Benaissa Ayoub

crypto engineer at Zama

Bilal Retiat

Bilal Retiat

Cybersecurity Specialist at Realistic Security

Bendali Brahim

Bendali Brahim

security researcher at Synack Red Team

Nasreddine Bencherchali

Nasreddine Bencherchali

Detection Engineer, Threat Hunter
& Security Researcher

Zerguini Neila

Zerguini Neila

Senior Manager within Deloitte Canada

Merouan Oussama Abdallah

Merouan Oussama Abdallah

technical department's manager
at Shellmates club & Cybersecurity enthusiast

Mokrane Abdelmalek

Mokrane Abdelmalek

Dev co-manager at GDG Algiers
& Cybersecurity enthusiast

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

The opening and closing ceremony as well as the conferences will take place at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'informatique, Oued Smar, Algiers. The workshops' details will be provided via mail to those who registered. Participants will be informed if there are any changes to the schedule.

Hamza Tahmi

Online Conference: Back to basics. Hamza Tahmi

A non-technical and lightweight presentation about security core principles.

Opening Ceremony

  • Presentation of the club and event (plus an overview of the BSides Algiers event's history).
  • A word from the president of the club, an experienced CTF player.
Nasreddine Bencherchali

Conference: Threat detection and sigma rules. Nasreddine Bencherchali

Security talk by a Detection Engineer, Threat Hunter & Security Researcher.

Menacer Djamel Eddine

Conference: QKD Protocols. Menacer Djamel Eddine

Security talk by a Senior Lecturer & Researcher in Security and Virtualization fields at ESI Algiers.

Retiat Bilal

Workshop: Anomaly Hunting with Elastic Stack. Retiat Bilal

Practical Workshop by a Cybersecurity Specialist at Realistic Security.

Merouan Oussama Abdallah
Mokrane Abdelmalek

Workshop: Client side security. Merouan Oussama Abdallah & Mokrane Abdelmalek

A Session focusing on client-side web security, covering the most frequent vulnerabilities with real-world examples and concluding with some solutions to those flaws.

Hafidh Zouahi

Online Conference: Lock Picking 101. Hafidh Zouahi

This talk dives into Lock Picking, the practice of manipulating lock mechanisms to crack them open without their corresponding key.


  • Check-in of participants.
Zerguini Neila

Conference: Cybersecurity for Operational Technologies (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS): an overview. Zerguini Neila

This conference will talk about all the software, hardware, practices, personnel, and services deployed to protect operational technology infrastructure. It will also present the security aspect of control systems used in industries such as utilities and manufacturing to automate or remotely control product production, handling and distribution.

abderrahmane Soudaki

Conference: XDR and synchonized security. Abderrahmane Soudaki

What is XDR ?

Benaissa Ayoub

Workshop: Crypto before Bitcoin. Benaissa Ayoub

Practical Workshop by a Crypto Engineer at Zama.

Bendali Brahim

Workshop: Pentesting Methodology & Tips. Bendali Brahim

Practical Workshop by a Security Researcher at Synack Red Team.

Closing Ceremony

  • Summary of the event.
  • A word from our sponsor Realistic Security.

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

École nationale supérieure d'informatique, Algiers

Formerly the National Institute for Computer Training (INI), is an Algerian higher education institution training state engineers in computer science. It is located in Oued Smar, about 15 km from the city center of the capital Algiers, in Algeria.



  • The event is organized by Shellmates Club, a group of students passionate about cybersecurity. Founded on December 19th 2011 as OWASP Student Chapter Algeria, the group was the first representative of OWASP in Algeria. The main goal of the club is to create a community of infosec enthusiasts and encourage knowledge sharing in the IT security field.

  • You are a fan of cybersecurity or a professional in this field? You are passionate about hacking or you are simply curious? Then BSides Algiers 2021 Finals is the opportunity not to miss to satisfy your curiosity, learn and also meet other people addicted to computer security.
    The CTF finals are reserved to the teams qualified, however learning by watching is an efficient way of progress.

  • This phase includes the finals of the CTF (Capture The Flag) competition, a cybersecurity contest in which a set of problems is given, covering various topics related to cybersecurity (Cryptography, Reverse-Engineering, Binary Exploitation, Web Security, Digital Forensics).
    Alongside with conferences, and exciting workshops related to cybersecurity!

  • The CTF finals will be held in the 2nd weekend of BSides Algiers, 10 teams qualified from BSides Quals and HackINI 2021 will race in a hacking battle of 24 hours, if you did not qualify, you can still watch those hackers in action!

  • If you have any further questions email us at Or track us on our Social Media Accounts


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